Spring Lessons

Spring Photography Lessons in Goderich

By georgezoethout
Maximizing Shallow 'Depth of Field'

Extreme Shallow ‘Depth of Field’

Maximizing Shallow 'Depth of Field'

Shallow 'Depth of Field'A typical example of a photo with shallow depth of field control. (only the main subject of interest is enhanced by throwing other elements out of focus.Extreme Shallow 'Depth of Field'

F-stop 5.6 with the lens zoomed all the out to 105mm.

By georgezoethout

More video using Nikon D90 DSRL

The thing that I found very handy in trying to get the lighting consistent is using the AE-AF lock button and pressing it as I start filming. You can change the lock feature to either LOCK  exposure, LOCK focus or to LOCK Both! Handle the camera like you are using a camcorder and you will be free to use more exciting camera moves just like in the movies! Click on the Youtube link below to view full video .


Boys in Jail in Goderich

Boys in Jail in Goderich


Speed-200 ISO

Picture Style-Monochrome@ cyanotype

By georgezoethout

Straighten Up!



 Lens Perspective Correction

1856 Goderich Building With NO Lens Perspective Correction Done.

Lens Perspective Correction

1856 Goderich Building With Lens Perspective Correction Done.

If you have Adobe Photoshop or another photo editing program try straightening up a building.

I have CS3 Photoshop so my steps or terms might be different then your own photo editor.

First thing : duplicate your image ( select image and right click and choose Duplicate Layer…)

Select your new image -named Background copy.

Click Edit Menu at top–Select  Transform and then select Perspective.

Now the grids are visable and the four corner points can be dragged to the desired perspective -hopefully a straighter.

Press return and you are done.

I also did some fine colour enhancement to the building while I was straightening it.

Accessories For Your Compact Camera

1-Camera Bag: This will make sure that your camera will not be scratched. DUST and DIRT will not be in your camera. Also, will provide shock protection during transit.
2-Battery Charger: Most cameras in a box will have one. If yours is lost or damage; then there inexpensive battery chargers. The name brand ones are much more expensive.
3-Lens Pen: VERY important to have with your camera bag. Most times you will be cleaning your LCD screen with the pen. It has two cleaning ends: a brush and a cleaning pad.
4-Mini Tripods– Great to take to a wedding reception and put on a table. Or doing table-top photography with the mini tripod.
5- Floating Straps– If you have an underwater camera, get a floating strap just in case you drop the camera in the water!
6- Extra battery– If you are going to place with no or unreliable power to charge your battery-then bring a second fully charged one.
7-Lens protector– Some companies make a glass lens protector for compact cameras that sticks on the end of the lens. Works very well.

8-Neck Camera strap– Good to have if going on an adventure-like rock climbing or hiking. Keeps your hands free and is near by if you need it.

9-Extra media cards– It is good to put in the camera bag one or two media cards. If you shooting a lot of video on your camera you will need it.

10-Card Reader– If you lost your USB cord to upload to your camera to the computer no problem. The card reader is connected to your computer and you will save your battery life by not using the camera power to upload your photos.

Flexi Tripod- Very cool shots with this tripod!

Flexi Tripod- Very cool shots with this tripod!